Ask me only 1 question out of 76..

A chance of asking 76 questions from which

U can ask me Only 1

1.u wantd to tell me smethg bt u couldnt?.
4.someone you would die for?
5. someone you hate?
6.someone you can tell anything to?
7. have you ever smoked?
8. have you ever drunk alcohol?
9. have you ever done ‘bad’ drugs?
10. last time you cried?
12.favourite colour?
13. lucky number?
14. birthday?
15. Les/straight/gay?
16. eye colour?
17. hair colour?
18. best face part?
19. obsession?
20. if you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
21. male or female?
22. kiss or hug?
23. nicknames people call you?
24. favourite song?
25. favourite thing?
26. worst thing that ever happened too you?
27. best thing that ever happened too you?
28. something you would change about yourself?
29. full name?
30. worst mistake?
31. something your proud of?
32. your dream?
33. watch the movie or read the book?
34. ever tried to kill yourself?
35. favourite TV show?
36. ever self harmed?
37.evr felt fr smethg u did wrong?
38. special talents?
39. do you ever wish you could start over?
40. ever been abused?
41. abused anyone?
42. ever had a near death experience?
43. someone you can’t tell anything too?
44. Virgin?
45. Any tattoos?
46. Are u single or taken?
47. someone who knows all your secrets?
48. someone who’s secrets you know?
49.single or taken?
50.middle name?
51.last kiss?
52.girl bestfriend?
53.boy bestfriend?
54favourite song?
55 height?
57 do u watch porn?
58 play any sports?
59 one secret?
60 hw many proposalz hv u got?
61 longest relationship?
62 who do you like?
63 what do you like in a boy?
64 what do you like in a girl ?
65 hw u thk ur lyf shld b?
66 love mariage r arranged ?
67 age?
68 Hobbies?
69 one thing you can’t live without?
70 r u intrested in me?
71 Are you naughty?
72 Are u mad?
73 if I propose wat wil b ur reply ?
74 ever maked out?
75 ever been behind a guy ?
76 wt comez in ur mind in a sec wn u thk if me..

you can ask only 1 question…πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ˆ

– Forward it to your friends if you feel this amusing

[ Comment below so i may answer]…

20 thoughts on “Ask me only 1 question out of 76..

    1. I want to be a harder worker along with smartness.. A life in which in which i know my weakness and my strength.. And a life that i will spend peacefully with my family in my dream house 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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