Time worth spending (Along with Pictures)

It was evening 5 pm and i was getting bored, need to get some fresh air so i thought why not go to the sea-side..

But then i met a friend along the way and he informed me about this “Exciting” function..

It’s actually located in the army area, and this was my first time there ..

The project name was “Start” Mumbai

Mumbai have it’s own charm, but are you willing to immerse yourself in it ?

Few More details about the “Art Exhibition”..

1000 of words, Read them and they will connect you to your memories..

Glimpse Of the net on which nearly 1000 words are written…

This is an Art work, made from wastage/unused materials of cloths πŸ’—

Life under the sea – It really sucks, when we know how suffocating it is for fishes to survive..

A Fisherman Room… In the darkness.

Place where fisherman sleeps at night .

This is Mumbai, At night 😍

The atmosphere here is like… Home Home home… 😎

Fisherman family..

Some untold words…

Life under the sea – The Queen and her ornaments..

The real mermaid discovered somewhere in the Arabian Cost..

Messages that need your attention..

Fisher-Women … text-message

The women and her portrait 😍

Women’s friend..

Women’s friend’s sister ❀❀

Waiting for his show…

What comes up, goes down 😎😎

Fishes – wee are sorry … Do you see the mobile phone and the batteries…

The dock- at night..

The performance has begin πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

The so-called miracle fish found in the sea..

Are yoi afraid of me ??

Fish ride ..

As the golden sun set, the ocean turn red..

Respect for the artist πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Arrangement- Perfect ❀❀

What’s your view about the function, Need some comments… On the wall 😎

Special perfume… Just read the stuff..

The wall has a unique aura…

Let’s finish it off by a Song 😎😎

“Unplanned plans are type of plans that are unorganized but perfect”

——Abdul Gani Punjabi

10 thoughts on “Time worth spending (Along with Pictures)

      1. The videos definitely intensifies the curiosity. The video on the plastics was amazing. Makes one want to give up any form of plastic, but that almost impossible nowadays. Yes they helped a lot, even if some of it was too light to make it all out.

        Liked by 1 person

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