Your Presence

People need our presence, because it gives them courage and hope to fly high..

They needed me today, so i showed my presence with a big wide smile, watching them practicing for the play gave me a satisfaction – My team was working hard to achieve their goals, which they have set for themselves very high.

I stood there watching, till the very end. I saw their faces and they were glowing, there was a confidence in their voices as i saw straight through their eyes.

Yes, Our presence matters to them – because it’s the world that seeks for inspiration, and you know – there are people out there who value your presence as they get motivated by the vibes you emitted – And the happiness you carry on your side.

As they left for the play i said,”Do it with your heart and always imagine the best – The first position is your’s Feel it and achieve it”… Those were my words.

After 3 hours i received a call, the speaker said – “It’s Unbelievable we achieved the first position”…

I congratulated them, with a humble voice. As i kept the phone, I was at the sea-shore and i shouted so high, it was just so natural that i couldn’t shut down my voice..

People next to me, saw my excitement and smiled.. They knew something beautiful had just happened, and they joined me with a smile…

Sometimes we need to be present for the people who value our presence in their life… There are some lesson which i learnt today which gave me an insight.

“It’s worth being with people who value our presence and see us as an inspiration – because it matters to them as it improves their lives”

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi

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