The Show – Special

This was an extra-ordinary performance by “Mark Parakh” … I never met him before… But there was something in him that hold me in the auditorium till the very end … He is a pianist and an actor..

The best part is he graduated from the very same college where i am studying now “Sydenham College of Commerce and Economic” … One of the best college of mumbai ❀

The Falicitation was done by one of our professor ⚘

Glimpse of his acting, it was hard to differentiate the real and the character he played.

The Piano part 😍

You disappears into an imaginary world πŸ’ƒ

Overall it was an AmaZing performance… Every single moment was “Worth Watching“…

Friday- The blessed day πŸ˜‡

—— Abdul Gani Punjabi

Author: Abdul Gani

In the world where everyone tries to fit into the label of "Normal" i try to fight against that "normal" to reach my own potential, And be my "Authentic Self". On my blog you will find, Water that soften the soil and helps it to grow fruitful plants... I am seed which gets into your soul and helps it find it's purpose and Destiny πŸ˜‡

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