What will you do if you lost your phone?

I will be blank for a long time, because everything is saved in my phone…

My social accounts, internet browsing, and pre-orders for things that were done through it.

The worst thing would be, I couldn’t call anyone because i have more than 700 contacts in my phone out of which i hardly remember 3-4 numbers – by heartedly..

It really scares me – If my mobile got lost, i don’t mind about the money- It’s about the information that’s stored in the mobile…

I am not a “Mobile” phone lover… But i love whichever Mobile i get.. ❣❤

—— Abdul Gani Punjabi

9 thoughts on “What will you do if you lost your phone?

  1. You should download the phone content into a cimputer ir copy them onto the SIM card,put that into another phone and then copy them onto that phone’s memory,Then put the SIM card back into the first phone

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