I was 7 when my stepmother sold me off, little did i knew she didn’t sold me but she sold my body along with my soul..

They dressed me up in a bride like cloths, and threw me down into a small room.

What’s happening ? i kept asking them – Their smiled showed i was in danger..

There entered a man of 40, and came near to me, i was sweating, and fear took over me.. That’s what i remember when i woke up, my body was bleeding, and i was suffering from an excruciating pain in stomach as if some iron “rod” had hit me..

I was just 7 when it all started, and today i am 18 and people call me a slut, and a prostitute wandering on the streets..

Once i tired to run away from them, but there, their man stood restricting me, they brought me once again where my stepmother sold me, tearing my clothes they R#ped me..

People out there Think, we are working for satisfying their sexual needs, but they treat us like dogs wandering on the street..

Everyone here staying with me, hide their names so that they can live, the society calls us prostitute – and refuse to help us..

We are dying in here, meeting every type of ages, they are all different – some says their girlfriends cheated, while for some their wife betrayed them and took over all their properties..

Yes, it all your fault the people living freely, why don’t you take hold of your brother’s, sons and husbands..

For me it was my stepmother, but there are other’s too – who were sold by their relatives into prostitution.

We all have dreams the difference is you are free to pursue it and we can’t even dreams…

— Abdul Gani Punjabi