1) Get a house near a forest, with a waterfall in-front of it, The house is small but – You Have always dreamed of that house..

2) Get a flat in the centre of the world, Surrounded by tons of people, and new experience day.

3) To Became a world famous personality .

4) To have a beautiful + Understanding + Cooperating = Husband/wife.

5) Get the most luxurious life ever imagined on earth.

6) To get the ability to breath underwater, and roam the entire marine life.

7) To get back to the past, and live life again with your loved one’s.

8) To Save thousands of people from dying, through charity, or being a volunteer in a noble cause.

9) Get a house in the middle of the Ocean on an Island.

10) Get enough money to travel across the world.

11) To get all the above mentioned things. (Because human being are greedy 😉)

12) Something other than the list mentioned above.

(Do mention what you want to see in the list)

Your Selection Please ?

—— Abdul Gani Punjabi