A Pure Vegetarian

Don’t you see the pain in their eyes, lying down lifeless on the ground beside. It just took a second to take his life, and now you enjoying it on your table with salad on the side.

You think it’s easy to take someone’s life, holding the knife even the butcher cried. Why do i have to slaughter them ? he asks himself with agony in his eyes. With ever single cut, he felt the pain of the chickens children who cried. Where are you taking my mother? to feed someone who don’t value life or to earn money for buying things which will never satisfy.

The food was delicious they marvelled by, why don’t you have some, a new taste for the tongue that slowly dies.
You are a muslim and you don’t eat meat? isn’t this strange they said to each other side by side.

Then i spoke from my side, it’s not compulsory to have meat if you are a muslim or follow any faith beside. It’s up to you what you eat and what you deny, you can be a muslim and be a pure vegertain bhai, yes it’s true we are allowed to eat this things to give a taste to the tongue that ask for new flavour of food everytime.

Even i understand the pain that the animals goes through when they are sacrificed, but give me an honest answer, what will you do when the animal has serve his purpose and gets old soon and die. I know you are thinking to leave that animal free so that he can go anywhere anytime. But remember one day he will die. Are you going to bury him ? or eat the meat after he die.

I am proud to say i am a muslim and i don’t fight, you can have your meat and let me have my pure-veg thali which i have already ordered before you arrived.

Messages are delivered when you show them examples through your own-life, i love vegetables more than the meat which you have offered infront of my eyes.

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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