LuLu Mall 🔥

Welcome to India’s 2 largest mall – Lulu Mall, Cochin, India.. LuLu hypermarket 😍😍 Let’s Walk around… Welcome to the hypermarket ❤ Fresh vegiii 🔥 Want some ?? Yummy… This Cakes 😇😇 The Over-view.. Worth a visit.. Let’s have some coFfee 😙 Keep walking along the lane.. Beauty at it’s best 😉😉 Soch – Think… Read More LuLu Mall 🔥

In love

She was in the red dress, and me in a white.. Having a glass of mocktail, in a fine shape glass of wine.. Looking through hundred of faces, her eyes met mine.. I Stood there cold, feeling freezed from inside.. Her eyes was the thing, that made me warm for a short-period of time.. It… Read More In love