The Unexpected.

Will he ever message me? what would be the conservation we will have? – She kept thinking.

That was the last time she saw him.

The story does not end here – The Unexpected happened…

To be Continued…

As soon as he landed from the plane, he searched for wifi network and sent a message to her id, “Reached safely, How are you?”. he was excited for the reply.

As days passed, there were no reply from her. One day, he was recalling his memories and suddenly took his phone and messaged her “I love you, I miss you – Zaid”. Though his message was to her, he did this continuously for few days. And then One day when he open his phone to message her, a messaged appeared.

************ BLOCKED ******************

That was a shock to him, Now he had no ways to contact her. For other few weeks he kept checking, whether she unblocked or not. But the time was not in his favour. He felt shame and guilt for what he did, and after that whenever he visited his home, he never raised his eyes towards her house.

Years passed, Almost 5 years – His life changed, He faced many ups and down. And became the best verison of himself. He went abroad for studies but every single day he missed her.

“Hello – how much did you scored in the test?”

Excuse me? who is this? – He replied.

“I apologise, My friend was playing a prank”

A Prank?

“and coincidentally he have the same cell no. as yours but he forgot to save the number with the country code and mistakenly the message reached you”.

That’s ok 😊 . Have a Nice day.

“You too 😇”.

By the way where are you from ?

“I am an indian residing in Australia”.

Good Luck 😊

“What about you, What’s your name?”

He said his name.

“Ohh – I know someone with the same name”.


“Yeah, have you been to that place?”.

Yeah ~ actually i visit there in my vacations, At that place, my grandparents lives there.

“So – It’s you right?”

yeah – It’s me .. Nice to see you

“Nice to see you too”.

Take care – Have a Nice day.

“You too take care 😇”

See you soon.


Seems like TIME is in favour of me. – He smiled looking at her messages, after 5 years.

5 years ago he messaged through Facebook, 5 years later she messaged through WhatsApp 😉😊

“Not every story have an end. When one ends, other begins.”

Based on a True story.

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi

There she lived. (Part 1)

There he lived. (Part 2)

There he lived.

At evening, they left for Airport- He kept thinking should i say her what’s in my heart? or should keep it for the next time.

The story does not end here – The Unexpected happened..

To be Continued….

So from Tomorrow he will come with you to learn bicycle.. Hmm – She looked at her brother and said.

But yes i will take my time to practice and then i will lend him my bicycle. “Ok” – Zaid replied.

Come on zaid, We need to leave for practice. He is already standing outside waiting for you. “Hi bro – Have a seat behind me, Once she is done with her turn borrow it from her. “OK” – he replied.

Why do i have to lend my bicycle to him? Huh. let me practice first – She said to herself. Why don’t zaid sacrifice his turn and give him a chance. But that’s ok, he is here only for few days.

Why don’t he ask me directly for the cycle? Why do he have to say it to zaid and zaid to me? Can’t he be direct? He does not even seems a SHY type of a boy, then why?

Days passed by, One day when they were playing, he said “Will you play as an opponent” in the game, she agreed. As they were playing her small sister looked at his face, and saw the happiness and excitement when he was playing with her, “Look at his face – He is blushing” – she said to her another sister. Hmm ~ does he likes her? Maybe ~ let’s ask him tomorrow.

I don’t wanna think about him, No more – He is just a friend, not more than that. But why does he have to take a round around my classes. I see him almost everyday nearby my classes area. Is he stalking me? she asked herself.

But she never came to know that already her sisters knew that he had a CRUSH on her. They never said it to her. But yes they used to tease him by SHOUTING HER NAME ALOUD infront of him, to make him uncomfortable. I have noticed that whenever i shout any of my sisters name, he appears in his balcony and look towards our house. Why would he do that? ~ she kept thinking.

So from tomorrow you don’t need to sacrifice your cycle for him, he is returning back to his home, so enjoy your cycle ride alone from tomorrow – Zaid said to her.

“Stop it – Stop it” – She shouted at her heart. No more, I don’t want to think anything about him. “Zaid” – I am here to tell you goodbye, today i have my flight. Are you there on any social site? – He asked. She was looking at him, hiding behind the door. Zaid went to her and said “Give me your social site id, so that he can contact me through yours” – she wrote it on a piece of paper and handed over to him.

Will he ever message me? what would be the conservation we will have? – She kept thinking.

That was the last time she saw him.

The story does not end here – The Unexpected happened…

To be Continued…

There she Lived. (Part 1)

A note to my Younger self.

I used to spend my Friday nights at parties and nightclubs. I would spend hours getting all dressed up, putting my makeup on and curling my hair. I craved the excitement of finally letting loose (i.e. getting intoxicated) just as much as I craved attention from men, because I thought attention meant popularity, beauty meant power and the attraction of men meant affection; love even.

It’s silly, I know…

My thoughts, I’ve learned, were notoriously inaccurate…

I feel sorry for the woman I used to be. I don’t say that to be mean, or in a vindictive or judgmental way, I mean I truly feel sadness in my heart for her; for the pain she was feeling and the loneliness she felt inside. I wish I could reach out and hug her so tight she would have no choice but to believe she was lovable, and I would tell her she is enough. I wish I could tell her to take the make-up off and wear clothes she feels comfortable in and laugh at herself, because she is pretty hilarious when she isn’t trying so hard to impress people.

It makes sense to me now, the addiction, the empty relationships, the isolation. She just wanted to feel accepted, she wanted to fit in; to feel secure. But she hadn’t quite learned the importance of loving herself yet, and so she built a wall to keep people at a safe distance; never too close, but always too far.

Where she went wrong, was expecting something exterior to fill an interior void. She expected others to make her feel worthy, but it was others who made her feel neglected and taken advantage of….who made her feel used. She didn’t know her worth, and because she didn’t value herself, she taught others to undervalue her too. She was wrong…and it still hurts sometimes.

Her Friday nights look a lot different today. I look a lot different…

Today, I spend my Friday nights being of service to my community. I have exchanged parties for volunteer work; the chance to bring a little hope to other women who seem to have lost themselves along the way too.

I’ve changed so much….and although I have changed, I recognize that most of the world, and the people in it, have remained the same. This can be discouraging at times, but I refuse to let it break me.

I decided to write the “old me” a letter and found it to be incredibly therapeutic. I admit I feel a sort of disconnect now, between who I was and who I am today. It’s almost as if my younger self is a completely different person altogether; as if she is still lost out there somewhere, waiting to be found. I don’t ever want to be that lost little girl again, and so I continue to put in the work. I listen. I change. I grow.

While writing this letter, I envisioned myself sitting in front of the teenage me, gently taking her hands in mine while she rolled her eyes and let out an obnoxious sigh. I imagined myself lifting her chin so that our eyes met, and silently observing that single tear that always seems to slowly make its way down her cheek.

If I could, I would tell her that everything is going to be ok. I would tell her she will surprise herself someday; that she will inspire others to want to be better, give them hope and she will make herself so proud.

She wouldn’t believe me, but I would tell her anyway…

If I could, I would tell her this…

1. Don’t compromise who you are for an idea of what someone else thinks you should be. There’s no requirement ANYWHERE that says you must conform in order to find acceptance. If it makes you feel icky, don’t do it. Trust your instincts! Be unique, be thoughtful, have the courage to be different.

2. Mean girls, though glamorous and popular on TV, are far from fabulous in real life. People will not remember how popular you were or what you wore, they will remember how you made them feel. BE KIND. Guilt and regret are difficult to live with, and just as difficult to let go of.

3. You are not fat! Seriously, STOP IT! Learn to appreciate your body now, otherwise it is going to be difficult to appreciate your appearance as an adult with a body forever changed by motherhood.

4. You are allowed to say NO! Sometimes it is necessary. Self-care is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and you do not have to apologize for it. You cannot please everyone, so at the end of the day make sure you are, at the very least, pleased with yourself.

5. Drugs and alcohol, though they seem like harmless fun when you are young, do not make you cool. No successful adult wishes they were an addict, and no addict wishes to continue a life in active addiction. Choose the right path while you still have the ability to choose, it is much harder to change that path in the future.

6. Life can be hard and often unfair, but it is also beautiful. Things will get tough and you may find yourself feeling heartbroken and lost, but those feelings won’t last forever. It’s the cycle of living a full life. There are ebbs and flows. Hold on tight and take a deep breath when things get difficult and don’t ever forget to be grateful when things are falling into place. Do not lose hope. Do not give up on yourself. Even the most tragic events have a lesson. Have an open mind, and you will never miss an opportunity to grow.

7. Do not let a man, ANY man, determine your self-worth. If a man is only interested in your physical appearance, he does not deserve your affection. Physical attraction does NOT equate to love, and believe me when I say that you do not need a boyfriend to complete you. You are already loved! Be patient! Wait for the person who embodies everything YOU love; Humor, loyalty and intelligence. Someday you will appreciate your husband for being not only your partner in love, but one of your best friends.

8. What other people say about you behind your back is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. There are certain instances where ignorance is bliss. Do not seek out resentments. The opinions of others only define you if you let them. What matters is how you feel about yourself.

9. You will make mistakes. FORGIVE YOURSELF. Don’t be discouraged. Some of life’s best lessons will come from your biggest mistakes. Walking through the pain will only make you a stronger, more compassionate woman, sister, mother and friend. Never stop trying to be better than you were the day before.

10. If you are going to make an apology, mean it! Then take the necessary actions to change your behaviors. Apologies are nothing but words when the actions are repeated. The most honorable people are those who can admit when they have done something wrong, and then change their behavior.

11. Learn to accept the apology you never received. You cannot control the actions or opinions of others, and a forced apology is just as painful as no apology at all. Learn to let go and move on. In the end, staying angry will only hurt you.

12. Learn to laugh at yourself. Stop taking yourself so damn seriously! Laugh until your belly hurts, until you snort, until you have tears streaming down your face and then laugh some more! There is nothing that compares to the joy of laughter.

13. Do not compare how you feel on the inside to how other people appear on the outside. This one is important, so listen up! No one is perfect, it is NOT possible! Accept yourself, flaws and all. You will be blessed with a lifetime of happiness if you can succeed in this one task,

14. Be you! Authentically, unapologetically you! You are not meant to be anyone other than yourself! Embrace your imperfections! Embrace your flaws and your quirks!

–Originally Shared by ” Free to be V

The Amazing Brain


All you asked for Is granted, Now tell me how are you going to use all those things which you asked for ?

What if All our wishes are granted ?, Everything we asked for is given. Now the question is what are you going to do with those things?

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

#Things to ponder

There she Lived.

Mom on this vacation i have planned to learn “How to ride a Bicycle”,He said it energetically.

“Ok”,she said while smiling. But get ready now you have your flight tonight.

“Yes Mom”.

Okay – Now listen, Eat food on time, sleep on time, Pray on time, Do not harass your sisters and your grandparents, Be obedient – And yes “I love You” ❤.

“Mom” – He hugged her tight. I will miss you, i wish you were with us. “Take care of your Sisters”,She said tears started flowing from her eyes.

Bye !

“hmm,Back to india – It’s raining and the smell of soil is irresistible ~ I love it”, “Mee too” – His sister replied. Come on move faster, uncle would be waiting for us, We need to catch the train at 5.

“Peace”,Saying that they hugged their uncle altogether.

“Finally we are back at home safely” – Peace Grandma, Peace Grandpa.. It’s soo long since we have seen you, How are you both? and their conversation carried on for an hour or more.

Grandma I will be back soon, He said and went outside. “Zaidd” – He shouted, “Ohh, you are back 😍” – How are you? When did you came? how is life out there? tons of questions at single time. He replied them one by one. So what’s your plan in the hoilday? There are so much to do, but at first I wanna learn “how to ride a Bicycle”, Okay – We have two bicycle One is mine and the other of my sister. “Ok”, Let’s start from Tomorrow.

Zaid – let’s go. It’s already 9. “I am here, Let’s go”. But the thing is my sister also want to ride her cycle right now, so you sit behind me and when her turn finishes, you take it from her and practice.

Zaid – Will i be able to ride ever? give it a try bro I am sure you will do it. Ok now see she is done with her round, go and ask her to give you the cycle.

“Hey can i have your cycle?” – Why is it so hard to say this few words.. Eeeh .. Leave. Zaid ~ please go and ask her to give me, i am not able to speak a word infront of her. “Why”, Zaid asked. “I don’t know, I just don’t have that courage to ask her, My mind goes blank as soon as i see her”.. Hmm wait i will ask her – Come take it and practice, his sister replied.

That would happen everyday, he could not gather courage to ask that few words. But than one day her small sister asked him. “Do you like my sister?” – He was speechless, blushing. Hmm see how he is blushing she said to her other sisters. And that was the day he realised that actually he had a CRUSH on her.. As the days passed he started to like her even more. He would gather courage and would join them when they used to play badminton and cricket. “I wish when my turn comes, she would be the opponent” and that would happen most of the time. The feeling for her in his heart became more stronger. But he never expressed his feelings for her, he was just 13 at the time. And was Shy too. In the period of one month he fell, he learned and became good at riding cycle. But he forgot he had only 2 days remaining, And he became busy in packing his stuff. But whenever he heard her voice, he would run to the balcony just to watch a glance of her.

And the day came, Zaid – I am here to say you goodbye – I have my flight today, Are you there on any social sites? Not me but my sister – Wait i will ask her id. She wrote it on a paper and gave it to zaid. Here you go – You can message her and talk to me through her id. He was excited, and incredibly happy because now he can talk to her directly. he hugged zaid and went back to his home.

At evening, they left for Airport- He kept thinking should i say her what’s in my heart? or should keep it for the next time.

The story does not end here – The Unexpected happened..

To be Continued….

There he lived. (Part 2)

—Abdul Gani Punjabi