You can.. Take Away..

.. The eyes I see with..

.. The heart with which I understand..

…. Ears with which I listen..

… Energy through which I walk..

…. Memories that you have gifted..

.. Provision that you have provided..

…. Clarity of thoughts with which you have made my life easy..

… The peace in my heart through which I get inspired..

… The hands with which I write..

… The legs with which I walk..

….. The tongue that Is eloquent..

… The breath which is stress free..

….. The liver that purifies ..

… The lips which makes me beautiful..

… The hairs that makes me look younger and handsome..

…. The beard that makes me look attractive..

….. The wisdom you have taught me..


… You can make me paralyze..

.. You can make me blind..

…. You can take away my family…

…. My skills and my talents…

… My understandings…

….. My connectivity..

…..My love..

… My creativity, and my forms of expressions..

… You can do infinite things with me right now..


You choose to bless me with every single thing of yours..

And still I am ungrateful..

Ya RAB (O Lord) Make me of those who understand your power and might.. and expand my heart with love of yours.. and provide me with the best in this world and the hereafter..

And make me of the believer and your grateful servant…

Yes.. It is all by his wish… !

May I align my wishes with his ❤

— Gratitude…

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

Specially for you 🔥

The best father a girl can have, is some whom she can trust…

The best husband a women can have, is someone who understand her..

The best son parents can have, is someone who respect and care for them..

The best brother someone can have, is he who supports them..

The best uncle someone can have, Is someone who truly cares for them…

GOD has given you all this qualities, Just use them 🔥


My wish your wish… Ahh let’s wish a wish..

Why do we wish the things we wish, did someone thought us to wish, or the wishes are already in us, and we wish those wishes.

What is a wish, if it’s just a wish ? let’s wish for more wishes, through those wishes we will achieve our wish….

—– Abdul Gani Punjabi