Believe me..

I have seen it, when you apply your beliefs and value in your practical life. People will notice it, and your act itself will become a source of motivation for many. But remember – The moment you try to please anyone, you lose your character at that very moment. — Abdul Gani Punjabi


They say if you miss today, tomorrow is your day ! … YES – Tomorrow I am participating in Open Mic and Storytelling..! Venue: Aditya Educational Campus, Sai Baba Nagar, Near Korakendra Ground, Borivali (West) Join me – If you can..!


To figure out your passion, ask yourself about your ambition.. Because without a clear purpose, you are on a lossy mission… What make you happy, is it internal or external? Ask yourself do I utilize my power to choose wisely, or I waste it surfing on internet and playing Pub-g just to prove that fake… Read More Youth