Thought 2: Let them Run, But you take it Slow ✨

Let the World run behind “lakhs” early on, and exhaust their energies and retire soon without passion!

But I want you to take the right route, the one which takes time, no immediate material gains, maybe just thousands in the start, but it will help you to gain experience, and most importantly keep you motivated and passionate even when you are in your old ages!

So don’t rush to get it all! Take it slow step by step!

And trust me, you won’t be missing any opportunities or learning if you get yourself right & focus on things which you want to achieve 😊

It will all happen! Not immediately, but someday – For Sure! If it’s right 💫

So explore, research, learn & seek knowledge to know what is right for you, and pursue it 🌻

• Abdul Gani Punjabi •

2 thoughts on “Thought 2: Let them Run, But you take it Slow ✨

    1. Greetings Zainab!

      I am doing well & great! By the Grace of Almighty God!

      Thanks for asking!

      I would like to know your ideas or plan for which you wish to start and then maybe I can help accordingly.

      Please connect with me on Instagram: @thewayfarer_abdul !

      Looking forward to hearing from you!


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