Took a Bold Decision regarding my Blog: Diary that Speaks ✨

Finally after contemplating & thinking over to the purpose of my blog, I decided to rename it & reignite its passion & purpose! And came up with this new vision to bridge the gaps of the past to the present: That Modern Youth ✨

I will keep walking on the path of motivation, inspiration and self betterment & would like to reach to the pinnacle of success! Not alone, but along with you! Together 🧡

So let’s celebrate this new start, and engage with each other & create a new vibrance in the world! Full of Positivity, Hopes, Goodness, Harmony & Brotherhood! A fragrance of kindness & compassion ✨ and atmosphere of love, Safety, Security & Peace!

Let’s walk together on this new path, where we all will make it to the other side! Together 💯

That Modern Youth is all about sharing the insights, observations, challenges, and experiences a youth goes through in the 21st Century & most importantly creating a world where we all are united by our humanness ☺️

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