Tawakkal (The Ultimate Trust) πŸ’•

I personally think the highest levels of Tawakkal (Ultimate Trust that he is the best of the best of the best 1000000+x in all aspects & affairs) on Allah is…

If someday he erases my entire existence from the face of Heaven & Earth! I still trust him willingly & submit to him wholeheartedly!

Because Indeed, Once upon a time – Human Being was nothing (did not exist) to be mentioned about! And then He (Allah S.W.T) created us and made us something!

I swear, If we get a pinch of Real Tawakkal in our lives, We will have the power to change the situation of not only ourselves but the whole world 🍁

Tawakkal is the Word πŸ’•

~ Abdul Gani Punjabi

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