Why children fall in depression at an early age?

Why do children fall in depression at an early age?

Children expect love and care from their parents but if parents become toxic (unknowingly) . Hurtful words cause pain but also leaves a negative remark on the children in their minds about themselves. Getting hurtful words from their loved ones like parents causes emotional break down and insecurity about themselves.

How do you know that your parents are toxic ??

Well there are a few things that parents say unknown of the fact that their negative impact might be on their children brain.

1) Offensive words towards the child like you are too short, you are too fat, you have ugly hair,…. grading the child about the appearance will likely increase physical insecurity in them. This can lead to serious emotional issues such as eating disorder. Parents are supposed to teach their children to love themselves but they unknowingly make them hate themselves.

2) Questioning their actions like you act so wierd? Or why you walk like that?

Children are then to believe whatever their parents say and sarcastic words may led them to feel that something is wrong with them and they don’t be themselves around the people. They are afraid of interacting people as they think that the people around them may see the flaws that there parents say.

3) Selfish wishes like I wish you were never born, I regret having you. NEVER say such things to a child. These things make them doubt themselves. Basically doubt their existence.Like they don’t deserve to live. It causes to self harm an early depression.

4) Making your child feel like a burden saying things likes having you exhausts me or you cost too much money etc. These things make them feel like a burden and leads them to hide their feelings and needs.

5) Unhealthy Comparisoins: comparing them with sibling, cousins or other children. You cant do anything.These things make them feel like loser and worthless.

These things shouldn’t there be in the relation of parents and their children. Parents should make their children feel loved and cared they should make them know their importance and know how happy they are to them.

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4 thoughts on “Why children fall in depression at an early age?

  1. These words are just like a compilation of a typical teenage emotions and reason of mood swings accompanied by depression~☺✌ thank you so much for it!!! Beautifully listed and written ~🤩😘

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