Close or together???

Is physical presence really important???What you think? 🙄 So, if you ask me my answer will be “NO” as to love❤️, care💕, support 👍🏻 or to motivate 🤩 someone we need not to be physically present with him/her all the time.

A single message 💌 from our loved ones can swing our mood (here loved ones can be your mother, father, friend, sister, brother or anyone whom you love).

Being physically present for someone all the time is really not at all possible 😓. But someone with whom you share everything your every single talk 😇 no matter he is present or not that’s something we all need to learn in this modern world. Physical attraction is common we want to meet someone we get comfortable physically but to be comfortable mentally and emotionally is the best way to start any relationship 💑.

As “In the era of physical relationships” find someone who loves the long night walks 👭,who enjoys the sunset 🌇 with you,who enjoys the little 🍕 pizza party, or someone who enjoys your calls ,who loves 💕 to learn with you not the one who forces you to do so, and makes you comfortable emotionally and mentally❣️

It’s nothing about for how long you are together it’s about what kind of bond you want to make, it’s nothing about being with someone it’s all about to live with him/her.

“It’s nothing about being close its about being together❤️”

Thanks for reading 😊❤️@mahvish_143

Instagram:- @intheworld_of_goodvibes❤️

2 thoughts on “Close or together???

  1. As you pseudonym goes, “in the world of good vibes🤍”, you really drag me towards the more of optimism🥳! I literally have experienced breakdowns where I thought that I had someone physically close, but you’ve now made me realize that I was wrong🥰. Wonderful~😇

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