What is LOVE?

Love is a distinct feeling of intensifying attraction which deserves special attention.

Love is all about giving a part of yourself to your partner while enjoying freedom in return.

Love is about holding hands and standing by each other even in difficult times.

Understanding what she has been through just by seeing deep in her eyes.

Its about getting lost in the person’s eyes even if you are seeing those for the 1760th time.

Its not something to be taught but is something to be felt.

It starts and ends with a feeling of being one. The feeling of being accepted as the way you are with respect, care and faith.

Its when you sit with the other half of your soul and say, “everything is fine” when everything is in a mess.

Love is when you can bear her attitude and know how to put up with it. Compromise and sacrifice your time and works just to make her smile.

Love is the other word for life if it is felt for the correct person, at the correct place and at the correct time.

Love teaches you to laugh ..

She said……..

Don’t love me,

Make me a part of yourself,

Then start loving me,

So that you can love yourself…….

Love is intimacy.

Its about getting emotionally, spiritually and psychologically intimate relationship. Being physical is just a part of it.

What we search for in life is freedom, peace and eternal happiness.

Don’t lose your independence and individuality for achieving that.



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3 thoughts on “What is LOVE?

  1. Well written and expressed!😁 I didn’t find any such easy description of this complicated emotional attachment!~☺ That’s admirable!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Beautifully written👌🌷! Never found such a simple description of this twisted emotional attachment!! Love it~💜🌻


  3. Beautifully written👌🌷! Never read and found such a simplified description of this twisted emotional and devotional attachment~ Love it!🌻💜

    Liked by 1 person

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