❤️ My lovely love ❤️

Everytime I look at her I wonder how Lucky I’m to be with her….to spend my time or to be a part of her life as the way she cares & loves I don’t think anyone can…#my_mother😊❤️

But do you know a secret??💭 In our life we all have that one person whom we want to interact or wish to spend our whole life with. Emm…. I know you all started blushing☺️…but it’s really true! For our new upcoming generations it’s really hard to make a difference between crush😊, love❤️ & affection 😍 as you never can treat your affection as love.

So now what is love❤️..?? So it’s a 4 letter word which has different definitions and different meanings it depends upon us or from person to person. For me!, “Love❤️” is satisfaction which I get in my mom’s lap, or when I laugh with my father, or when I’m writing these kind of stuffs ….

See a person only changes his/her habits when he/she loves someone, and that’s love.❣️ We all are imperfect no-one in the world is perfect! 🤗But someone who tries to be perfect for you in all aspects no matter what that’s true & unconditional love!❣️ When he/she treat you like no-one else does,or he/she cares for your silly & little things that’s love!❣️

But sometimes we meet a person who treats us so well that a person with whom we spent 8-9 years is nothing. Time never matters when you love someone 6 hrs feels like 6mins. 🎰

“Be with someone 💖 you love to & love is like a rollercoaster 🎢 ride if you enjoy the ups then why not the downs?”💕



One thought on “❤️ My lovely love ❤️

  1. I am seriously obsessed with this blog!😍 Something short, but really very wise and sweet~🧁 I feel glad to know that some people know the differences between love and infatuation!😁👌

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