Be a Pineapple!?🍍

[Oh gosh! I’m seriously beginning my blog series with this topic! Sounds silly, but really ponderous!]

What’s a PINEAPPLE!?🤔✌ A large, juicy tropical fruit consisting of aromatic edible yellow flesh surrounded by a tough segmented skin and topped with a tuft of stiff leaves, and also known as ‘ananas comosus’🍍. 🙄Well, keeping a series of platters of records and infos aside, let’s look into the asinine reason, why I wish everyone to be like a pineapple! Yumm~🤭 (Well, I don’t wanna have y’all tho😳)

We all have experienced lots of magic in our life till now.🎉 Some were actually just illusions~. Illusions of trust, happiness and serendipity. Not only did we experience troubles but we did celebrate our festivities and time with friends (even plants or animals, pets!) with utmost zeal!✨ But, have you ever thought of having something really sweet😭!? Thought of something like rasgullā, mmmh…gulāb jāmun, pédā, laddoo, barfi, tarts, cakes, pies, pastries, lollies, donuts a lot many🤤!? Ah, wait!? Am I moonstruck🌙😶! We forgot our favourite, the “rasmalai”! Well, when you ingest a lot of confections🍰 then, they seem to be bitter to your tastebuds for a while and you can’t have ’em anymore! Same goes for your life. You can’t always stay happy and positive. My dearest folks, you gotta experience some pain and melancholy as well to “value the paramount elixir of happiness”🀄🏺! You can’t have sugar everytime!

By the way, have you ever seen a pineapple properly!? A PINEAPPLE! It is a symbol of hospitality, prosperity, friendship, and diplomacy too🎎. It tastes really very sweet! As sweet as honey at times when they’re at prime to ripe! How does it stand? Well, does it actually STAND? Yes, it does, in a courageous-looking posture🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️ (like peacock in its area with it’s peafowls🦚), clad a tough and prickly shield (that’s the bur in common language!😆), worn a crown👑 with pride, but have you ever seen or tasted it’s inner core!? “Yummy” it is🤤! That’s the supreme joy of taste! But to procure the “sweet-fruit-zone”, we need to negotiate a lot with “Mr. and Mrs. Knife” (or so) and even convince it (pineapple) to be chopped! (Chop-chop~)😱🔪🍽

One needs to acquire the example of “valorous and sweet” pineapple ; “Be a pineapple🍍- stand tall🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️, wear a crown👑 and be sweet on the inside😘”. Implying, “people may be rough towards you and try to hurt you, but always stay calm and cautious with your emotions😌✌ and respond them with a valiant outlook and positive expression. Always remember to be whatever you are, may you turn to a sweet pineapple’s core in emotions🤤 (responses) and be courteous to all. Always stay confident and wear your crown of ideals and rights you have👑. Stay strong and reply back when they try to harm you and your deep semblance, without harming the inner you. BE YOU❄. The one who is unique in various unique ways! Never compare yourself and turn timid😶, rather compare yourself to people, to take them as idol and try to be even better than them🤩. Life is just wonderful🏞! Nothing to be tensed about. Nothing to be scared of. Nothing to run away from~

Thank you so much for reading~🙇🏻‍♂️🌈

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