Love, the second time…

He always wondered, the reason why she left him. In the sea shores, in the lonely night streets of the town that he lived in, he often roamed around accompanied by little drops of tears slowly rolling down from his eyes. As he walked, walked,and walked, he felt his lost spirit silently screaming for her existence, once again.

Those were the good days of his life, he thought. His days then began with a pleasent gleam of loving gestures from her and ended with the same. Although those days were as busy as it was now but, her presence somehow made him feel the load of the work a little obscure. Because it was her, who motivated him all through the times of darkness and light, and in the times of despair and joyousness. And now, it was all of his own!

As days passed,the tears began to dry up. Each time that he went into the path of despair, it was he himself who tried to give himself the motivation to walk back into the path of light. He slowly tried to put a halt to his habit of walking alone in the streets which he had eventually developed in the past months due to the absence of her. His days began to begin with a charming smile that he gifted himself every morning. His work load began to feel the same amount of motivated as he bought more zeal into it.

And all of these changes came because of only one person in his life, himself! Because he knew,that his own soul and thoughts yearned for him to rise up once again, rise up with all the ardour that he would have felt in her presence.

He knew, he achieved it,the motivation to rise up once agin in life and make him his complete self and achieve the goal of self-fulfillment. Yes, he once again fell in love in his life. The love with himself!

-Vashundhara Paul

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