And what hurts the most is people can go from people you know to people you don’t.

Selena gomez


How easily can one forget someone or rather replace ’em? Very easily. We meet a thousand faces all day just walking across the street, yet it’s rather difficult that even one of the thousand’s make your acquaintance. You know why? Because it is easy to make friends but even tougher to keep them, to effortlessly or with efforts stay throughout. Well, not all stay, we all know that. But a toast to all those who do. How beautiful is a pure friendship? None with jealousy or contempt but seemingly happy days and caring nights. We often try to find our places in the world. Scared to let new friends into our lives, as the easier they get an entry the easier is it for them to walk all over. Why is it, why often people forget. They take one small mistake, forget all the good things, shout over it and move out. How easy is it to forget someone, I ask. Easy very, hurtful also very much.


Oftentimes, leaving seems easier than sticking through thick and thin, making it harder for one to trust. Trust issues? We’ve all heard about it, right? Because its quite easy to jump from one person to the other than walking miles together amongst the hurdles, that one prefers a smoother road to cross which often isn’t what relations are all about. They are bumpy roads with speed breakers, with pebbles and grains of friction. Letting a new person in is scary, how to trust is a difficult question to ask as we are all not perfect human beings, are we? Even becoming close to perfect takes the efforts that leave us squandered in the mess. However, when we strike a connection with another mind, body and soul, we choose to trust just for a while, even if the potential to cause hurt is great enough to burrow a hole deep inside of you. We do trust, so that we live, feel alive. We trust because we’ve gotten nothing else to do if we want to live well. The more we avoid to trust, the more we lose the chances of developing a connection that has no comparison of its own. Newfound friendships can be great, if you choose to trust for once.


Since, not every person we meet is, we make promises with, stay. A scenario for instance. Your best friend of four years forgetting you on the fifth, can be quite a thing, if they find someone new. Speaking with experience, forgetting someone can be easier for someone and the most difficult for another. Healing is necessary for the latter. Over time, with a change of environment, a change of faces, maybe reconnecting with some known old faces or connecting to a totally new one can prove to be lifechanging. That’s when you know you’re healed of broken friendships or relationships. We need to keep seeking until we find the ones, take a break somewhere in between, then go on. This ride is a wild one. Letting go of the ones that hurt and forget you, walking with those that appreciate your presence and love you the most helps you to fly. Hurt is in every step of our lives. But we are also one friendship away from living full and happy. I promise, it may take some time, but eventually you my dear, would find the relationships and friendships you’re worth for. All love to you!

Hey Rhea here, if you’ve read until here, thank you, from the bottom of my heart! You can find me on Instagram at @basicallyrhea or click the link: https://instagram.com/basicallyrhea?igshid=ewa2z6xp6or0

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