What are Miracles?

For me everything that happens in and around me is a miracle. I wake up every morning alive and fine, my soul back to  my body, me with my family, I got one more chance to work for my aakhirah, ( afterlife) and find the truth!

I know, according to the world miracle is when something impossible or extraordinary takes place but Hey! Can we do all these things by ourselves? Can we decide our death, our time here on this planet? No, we can’t but still we got the blessing to understand these things Subhanallah and for me it’s a Miracle!

I see the nature, a constant miracle. The skies with heavy clouds, the green trees, the light breeze, the beautiful birds, the water rushing and gushing in different water bodies, the bright sun, the sober moon, the silent stars, the soothing dark, the thorny flower, the charming hues and the light of the fireflies, the list never ends so as the MIRACLES.

We ourselves are the biggest  miracle, look at yourself! The eyes we  got to see it all ( truth), the ears we got to hear it clear ( truth) the tongue we got to express our thoughts, the tears we got to show our emotions, a SMILE to make the world a better place and a brain to understand everything around!

So many MIRACLES around!

According to you what is Miracle?
Do let me know in the comment section!

تو خوشنما منزل کی تلاش میں بھٹکتا رہا بے خبر,
( Tu khusnuma manzil ki talaash mein bhatakta raha bekhabar,)

You wandered in search of a beautiful destination!

کبھی راستہ ٹٹول لیتا تو بکھر نہیں جاتا!
( Kabhi rasta tatol leta toh bikhar nahi jata)!

If you had touched the path, you would have never fallen apart!


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E-mail: gangabishwokarma499@gmail.com

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