My mother used to tell me about it…
And I also remember a bit.
The time when I was too innocent
And my grades were excellent 😅😅

The time when darkness of life didn’t knock my dorm
When having a toy and a chocolate 😋😋was enough throw away my boredom…

When spending time with family and playing with toys 😁😁
Would bring happiness and joy 😃😃

Life then was happy, stressfree and exciting…
But now it’s sad, depressed, stressful & boring 😓😓😓

I can’t forget those days of mine 💌💌
In this darkness they are like jewels that shine 💎💎💎

If God ask me for my wish any time…
I will wish to became smart and good
But my first preference will be my childhood.

– Jahnavi Shikha

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