Trust, Love & Relationships

Ever thought that what forms the base of a successful relationship? And moreover, why are even relationships important in a person’s life? Is it only because of love,romance and material happiness? Or, is there something more to it which adds to the value of a relationship…

“It’s love! It’s romance!” cries the amateurish teenage mind for the very first time in one’s life. The feeling of absolute love and dependence begins to grow upon someone very close to one’s heart. But, as the individual begins to grow up from the teenage years to entering the very first steps of adulthood and then entering the spheres of being a middle-aged person, what he/she realizes then, is the effect of ‘Trust’, and the importance of the same upon a 2nd person in one’s life. The effect of positive dependence upon the same person also comes to his/her realization, eventually.

This 2nd person in the individual’s life and the individual’s trust upon him/her is the very first thing which gives birth to a very alluring fondness called ‘love’.

Trust is the very first brick to every single relationship. If there’s no trust, what one experiences is simply lust and not love at all. Trust plays a very important role in one’s life, making it something which a person goes through stances of almost every single day of life, thus refining the purity of love everyday and making it richer and deeper!

-Vashundhara Paul

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