He V/S She

There is indeed a difference, to whom you are attached too. Whether it’s HIM or HER.

Both play a major role in your life, irrespective how is their love and affection confessed for you!

It may be different in different scenarios and cases. But both of them, love you! Love you to the Moon and Back! 🙂

So there it goes as

He sat in front of me, explained me politely…
She came to me, lashed out at me and blamed.

He taught the same can be fixed by mending…
But she again demoralised, demoralised to an extent that couldn’t be beard.

He told me, I was the reason behind happiness and joy…
She told lashed out at me saying, I made her feel pissed off.

He loves me, me to the moon and back and expressed…
She loves me, to the moon and back and never expressed.

He told to ignore her to avoid all the negativity…
She blamed him, he spoilt me and was the reason behind my carelessness.

The thing I loved the most, was the thing she hated…
She wanted me to leave it and not even complete what was ongoing.

She blamed me for everything, he for what I did…
She demoralised me and let me not live my happiness!

She doesn’t know, what I am going through. Neither she wishes to understand…
He understood it at a go, guided and mentored me whenever I needed him.

He loves and support me more…
She may love but never show or confess, she hates is what she show.

Remember: A single word can break a person’s heart in one go!

Love the people around you! They will treat you the same!

~Samiksha Bhandari

Feel free to write me: samiksha2505bhandari@gmail.com

Instagram Handle: https://instagram.com/samiksha_2505_?igshid=1hntovm0duzsd

Link to blog: https://samikshabhandari.blogspot.com

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