Rhythm of my life

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I am here with another blog that’s just about me and my passion towards music and dance. Many people ask me that you are in 11th and your exams are coming, but you spend your entire time in dance and music, if you study only you will get a good job, do not WASTE your time! Well through this blog I am going to answer all your questions!

Dance and music is somethings that runs in your blood and both are the rhythm of my life. These two things keep me alive and keep me myself. The question about if you study only you will get job, I want to say that you study to gain knowledge at the first place, you don’t study only to get job! How much ever people consider dance and music as not worth it, that much they themselves love music and dance.

Dance helps me enjoy and live every moment of my life and music gives me peace and relaxation from the negativities in this world. Dance and music is not about moving your bodies or opening your mouth and squealing. Its about the feel and satisfaction that you get while dancing or playing music.

I would like to conclude by saying that never determine studies as the only thing in your life. For me, dance and music is the rhythm of my life, but for you, find your rhythm of life!


Swathi Sreeram

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