Abdul, STOP!!

So today finally I told myself – Abdul, Stop!!

When the mind is continously running behind a goal and you don’t see anything else. I think sometimes that can be a drawback of having a high standard and goal for yourself. The flow about which I spoke many months ago, I am countinously in that flow, trying to reach the end destination. And I am getting a good ride for myself. But the thing is I am not getting time for myself to observe what’s going around.

As you know I am a very observant person and love to enjoy the flow that goes around me. Nowadays that flow is hard to find. I am trying to create it for myself but honestly it’s exhausting. Not because my energy is reduced, but because now I need to find a way to do the same thing in a new way!

If you remember, I used to write here almost everyday about the ongoing situation and the happening. But then slowly I got engaged with work, and then the team.

Trust me, to have a big team is a very big responsibilty because your attention is divided into (1/no. of team members). And that’s a challenging role, when few of your members are not that deserving of that attention.

Sometimes I feel like forgetting things, but then I understood. It was not me who forgot, but the things which I was trying to remember was not that important to be remembered. I must say, things have changed – And this is first time in many months I finally took some time for myself and to open up my mind and share.

I hope you remember how writing makes me feel – More expressive, organised, inspired, energitic and type of meeting myself feeling. The more I share in words the more confident I get. Who can know this better – Than you!

As usually, I am not trying to impress you with my immediate thinking capacity and writing skills. But I am trying to explore what’s going on within my subconciousness from a long time.

I am enjoying this journey of leadership, but I need a point of reference to look upto. And I think that’s where I am getting clueless. I am trying to find something which I can implement but I am not finding the right person to grasp it from!

Maybe sometimes you need to find and create a new reference point for yourself and others. It’s a journey I embarcked for the first time. It’s fun. But to be honest – It’s lonely at the top, if you forget the people around you (your family).

It’s hard to explain, but I make sure to sail through it smoothly. Maybe this is the loneliness people used to talk about or maybe I have many more dimensions to explore.

That’s the beauty of thought – It’s your choice. To close the thinking and conclude or to keep finding new ways!

I remember you used to tell, keep your mind open, and let the thoughts flow. Learn from the learning and apply whatever you can!

I think it’s time to explore new dimensions, and to move ahead. There are few barrier to change, and more friendships to create. The art of living is something I need to learn and change.

Finally I am noticing my fingers typing faster and the keyboard can feel the weight. Maybe that’s the intensity, My mind was searching for – To express!

It was nice to see you around – My blogger friend!

Let me take a moment, and ask you – How is life with you?

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