This inspires me ❤️

The I.I.M.U.N Orientation was effective and helpful! The session went well and was pretty informative.
It was a great learning experience. Mr.Abdul Gani Punjabi, conducted the session effectively and cleared our doubts.
Looking forward to experiences like this in the near future.

This was an extremely helpful and creative session held by Mr. Abdul Gani Punjabi and the team. I found it really insightful and interesting where Mr. Gani spoke about the incredible outreach that I.I.MUN has with the rest of the world. I am extremely glad to be a part of this since I was given a chance to learn about the same and I hope that I use this session to hopefully help me to become a good delegate and moreover, a good leader in everything that I do. This orientation has definitely helped me so much to realize that us youth can together shape the world in the right way. Thank you so much for your

Devananda Nakshatra

The session was engaging and informative, the speaker conveyed all necessary details and kept us excited with details of the mun.

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