I am dying..

skynews-death-bed_4948890Yesterday, after having a conversation with my friend, I felt little sick. But as usual I took it lightly and ignored, telling myself – It’s all in your mind Abdul, Relax and sleep..

But in the middle of the night, around 3 A.M, I felt heaviness on my chest and faced little difficulty in breathing.. But again I told myself – It’s all normal, relax and sleep..

The next morning when I woke up, my body was aching, and the fever was very high – All kinds of thoughts were running through my mind – What if it is corona virus? What if I got tested and it’s positive? What if it’s a sign that I am going to die soon? What if I don’t have time to live on this earth? What if they kept me in isolation? What will happen to my family? What about my dreams and career? What about my vision? What about all those promises I made to myself and others? What if I am gone and my name get into the list of those “people who died because of corona virus? What if I cannot see my family in the last moments? What if the people who take care of me die because of me? What if everyone around me starts to curse me, once they know I am infected with this virus? What if I die soo young..Without living fully?

While these thoughts were continuously running in my mind, I made my way to the hospital.. rushed into the emergency ward and told the doctor about my condition. After listening to me carefully he immediately gave me the oxygen mask to breathe from, and told me to inform my guardian about it. So, I made a call to my parents and close relatives and told them about the situation I was in.

As the words came out from my mouth, my parents started to cry, they understood the danger I was in.. But felt helpless as they stay overseas. And my close relative also got scared when they heard about the symptoms and told me not to lose hope. They will try to reach as soon as possible.

I was scared, scared because of all the future plans which I had in my mind, if something happens to me.. who will carry forward my legacy, and look after my family? But at the same time, I became conscious of my thoughts and obeyed what the doctor said.. He guided me to an empty room, appointed a nurse, gave me few medicines, and told me to rest and stay positive..

After spending few hours in the isolated room, I asked the nurse what’s happening to me? What does my report says? Am I going to be okay?

She politely replied – “You are in a serious condition, and infected..”

When I heard those words, I felt scattered.. all fears of “WHAT IF” came back to me.. What’s going to happen now?

That’s when she interrupted, breaking the flow of my thoughts.. “Have you met someone recently?”

I replied in affirmative.


“One of my friend came to meet me yesterday, we were missing each other.. So we met”

“Was he/she alright? Anything odd you found in their health or behaviour?”

“Nothing odd”

“Okay, take rest, until your family come to meet you”

She left me alone in the room, making me wonder about my short life on this earth, how I spent it and how messed up my priorities were.. But it was too late to change anything.. Maybe this was my destiny and it’s over..

After every hour, I felt more suffocated, trying hard to breathe but couldn’t. And it felt death was near. Knocking on the door every second that was passing by.

I knew how my parents, siblings, and relatives  were going to react, for my parents – life will come to halt, and for my siblings – It will be an unbelievable shock.. And for my close relatives, it will be hard for them to believe that I passed away soo young. But I wish they know, we can’t fight with God, nor can we escape death because it will come to us in any unpredictable way! But I wish it come to us in a better condition, unlike me. So, it’s important to have patience and courage to face such calamities, and about my dreams.. HUH!!… What are dreams? Just few wishes we and others choose to pursue when we have life in this body.

I heard the cries of my close relatives, who were trying to see me for the last time,  but due to precautions and their safety.. they were not allowed to enter the room. After continuously fighting for my life for 6 hours, the doctor declared me as Dead. I was buried into the grave alone, and nothing I carried with me.. My vision, my dreams, my career, my family, my wealth, nor MY IDENTITY.

I know the shock one enters into, when they get surronded by death situations, and anyone who lost their young child to this disease. But few things are inevitable, and we need to accept it.

It was 3 A.M, When I woke up in a shocked state of mind, and found myself healthy. That was the moment I cried and Thanked God, for guiding me and keeping me aware of all the sensitive situations going on in this world, and specially for cancelling the meeting with my friend whom I was supposed to meet yesterday. But then we agreed on telephonic conversation. What a terrible dream it was..

I wish people understand the seriousness of this disease, and take all the required measure to protect themselves and others, and in case of any health emergency rush to the hospital, instead of ignoring the symptoms and becoming the cause of their own death.

According to authentic news, this virus is curable, but we need to make sure – We take all the necessary precautions to avoid coming in touch with any infected person, at the same time – Wash our hands regularly and stay hygienic.

Each life matter on this earth, so don’t be a danger to yourself or others. We all are dying in some ways, Similarly, I am dying to inform people – You should take yours and others health seriously. 


Inspired by actual incidents

Semi – Fictional Writer

Abdul Gani Punjabi   

6 thoughts on “I am dying..

  1. An ultimate masterpiece in writing stories…

    Awareness about Coronavirus has been written with a skipping heartbeat in each line…


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  2. Thank you Abdul for sharing you story, it inspired me to share the following information that I have been teaching during many years now. I hope it would be of help to some of you.

    It is of the utmost importance to remember that we are capable of killing ourselves just by thinking. The level of stress we can create by using our imagination, is the cause number one for bringing our immune system down.

    It is of course very important to take precautions, however start taking them on the emotional level first.

    I myself have worked in the environment where several ended up diagnosed with this virus and before being diagnoses they unknowingly have passed it to several co-workers. I met with them just a day before they felt ill, I have been quarantined 3 times due to the fact that I was in contact with those people. However I never had any symptoms of the virus, neither any of my 3 kids.
    In fact it has been more than 10 years now that we as a family to not take medication, because there is no need for it, we simply do not get ill.

    I write this comment not in disagreement with the article. Of course it is scary, of course one needs to be very careful, etc, etc.

    But you are so young, and it would be best to start now paying a lot of attention to your emotional state, It is a key to a healthy and long life.
    Please remember, stress increases levels of cortisol, which in turn bring your immune system down.

    Such medication in fact exists already, it is called immunosuppressant (in fact it is a medication that provokes high levels of stress in your body) and it is given to the patients with organ transplants in order to prevent the rejection of the new organ by the immune system, that sees it as a foreign body.

    So please try to remember next time you start worrying about something that you are in fact injecting your own body with immunosuppressants.

    You all have a long life to live. Be happy, be positive, be creative and concentrate on the beauty of this world more.

    Wishing emotional balance and inner peace to all of you 🙂

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