Why don’t you ask questions anymore?

Teaching of life:

Every Saturday and Sunday in the evening, from the past 8 months I am attending a religious lecture session.

After attentively listening to speaker’s speech, mostly after every session out of curiosity and to gain knowledge – I ASK QUESTIONS. Not for the sake of JUST ASKING.

But my sole intention always was/is to gain knowledge and understand things clearly.

It got so regular… that people used to look at me and say – Your question today?

And I used to ask.. related to the speech and content the speaker used to deliver.

But this week we are having arabic grammar classes for the first time. And after this 4 days of regular evening classes – One of the regular attendee asked me today – I see you are quiet nowadays… why don’t you ask questions?

And to his surprise I replied – I have no interest of asking questions, just for the sake of asking…

Complete Silence***

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