Who is Abdul Gani Punjabi ?

From speaking in-front of the whole class to Speaking in-front of 1000’s at a time..
From assisting in events to becoming the Head of Public Relation for multiple events..
From planning, organizing and executing events to creating his own event (The Masterminds) from scratch to it’s perfect execution..
From passion of helping humanity to becoming the Senior Secretariat Member at India’s International Movement to Unite Nations..
From reading great novels to becoming an Author of his own Self-Published Novel on Amazon Kindle (Her Decision)..
From writing short stories, dialogue, quotes, and poem to becoming the Vice Chairperson of Public Speaking and Debating Society..
From hand written notes to using his own voice for motivation on his personal Youtube Channel..
From interacting with great people to implementing their teachings and advice’s in his life..

Abdul Gani Punjabi seeks to create a positive change in the world, by tuning the mindset of the young to the old, in a way in which they will understand the message and purpose of the organization. A professional in Marketing, Public Relation, Event Management and Public Speaking who believes in following the core values of humanity through which businesses/events/organisations can get the right environment and culture to grow, which will help in gaining huge turnovers and increased network connection.

He firmly believes – When you have a clear vision to achieve something great, make sure you make yourself empty from the surrounding distractions. That will help you to get defined results.

Abdul Gani spend most of his time reading articles (Leadership, management, spirituality, growth, relationship building) and apart from that he read novels (Fictions, thriller, psychological, mystery, etc).

He is looking forward to travel across different cities, states, countries and Nations, to learn, gain knowledge, and share his experiences with the World.

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