You fell in love again?


Sam: So now you fall in love again? Huh? Wasn’t she the only one, you were speaking about previously?

Me: Yeah, She was one of them.

Sam: You mean, not the only one?

Me: There is a time for every story; she played her part at that time.

Sam: So, who is this new girl? And what do you know about her?

Me: Hmm, I don’t know her personally. But her qualities attract me…….

Sam: ……..

Me: Come on, Sam. Don’t force me to speak up!

Sam: Am I?

Me: Okay, So I saw her few days back. She is fast, friendly, attractive, and most engaging. Her voice is very thin, which penetrate softly into the heart. Sam, it’s nothing serious. I had been through similar situation before.

Sam: Similar situation? Huh? Was there ever a unique situation?

Me: Sam, we all have this desire to be with someone who make things alive. We don’t have to pretend or force anything when we are with them. It’s a peaceful feeling. But I also know that feelings don’t last, neither do I want to take any such efforts which will distract me from the path.

Sam: Abdul, What is the path you keep speaking about?

Me: Hmm.. Sam I fear Lust. The path, prevent us from Lust which lead to immorality. And Immorality leads to loss of Dignity. So, sometimes we have to stay away from temptations, that’s the way you can follow the path.

Sam: So, Do you love her?

Me: Sam, Yeah, She will be one of them. Like all the others, who will never know I was in love with them. For a while.

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