Ask yourself about Yourself…

I found this thing very very interesting, something that is changing my life in a speed which is possible to imagine – Because it is working..

Nowdays I ask myself about myself.. And this is something which is making me more aware of my insecurities, past beliefs, and the view in which I see the world. It is something that is making my body more relaxed and empty in a positive way.

Few questions I ask myself are like this..

“Someone Ask me how am I doing”
“Someone Ask me how is my life going on”
“Someone Ask me how do I feel about this and that (Be specific when you ask yourself)”
“Someone Ask me about what do I know about this (xyz) topic”

*Remember – Just question yourself, don’t answer them.. Let it be a question, followed by another question…

And when I keep asking myself as someone else is asking me.. I feel free from within because the need of being asked is getting fulfilled by my own self..

There is a voice within me which is very clear, and guides me through though situation. The guidance is from GOD himself, but the voice is my only..

Most of the time people think Voice of GOD is something different, from another world or something like that.. But I think the voice of GOD within us is our own voice in which God talking to us.. !

I know this is something unusual you ever heard in your life, but for me this is the way it works..! Me asking Me about Myself 😊

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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