Little whispers..

“Did you heard her voice?” Elina whispered…

“No” I tried to ignore her..

“Don’t you love her?” She continued..

“Won’t you tell me?..

“Does she take away your breath?”..

“No..” I felt my emotions gathering up on the surface, but still I lied.

“Do you consider her special?”… An intriguing question.

“I don’t know..” Again a lie.

“I know you consider her special and unique..” It got harder to ignore her whispers now.

“I was wrong..” A bitter truth, but something worth telling myself.

“Does she knows – You consider her special?” A haunting question.

“She does..” I replied, silently.

“So planning to get into relationship with her?” Again a serious question.

“I am done..” I declared my decision..

“Who was she?…” She inquired.

“Someone from the past, whom I mistook as a life partner and bestfriend..” The truth spoken.

“Isn’t she anything for you now?” She tried to touch the root of the question.

“Just a friend from past..”

“If she came again into your life?” She was searching for possibilities.

“I will act as the wayfarer, and would move ahead in my life..”

—– ♡♡♡♡ — ♡♡♡ —-

Few whisper are deeper, and speaks our heart out. She was acting as one of those voices, among the thousand – who gave me lil spark of wisdom in life…


— Abdul Gani Punjabi

What are your whispers about.. Whom ??

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