And then we “Made Love”..

Made love??

So what were you making before making so-called love?

Talk straight to the point.. We Had “SEX”..

Just because of you fools, Love is misunderstood and limited till SEX for some uneducated people.. who lives in fantasy..

#Love × SEX..

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

10 thoughts on “And then we “Made Love”..

    1. Amanda.. Here I am not thinking just for myself.. But what’s done here is .. The real word lost in meanings..

      When it’s sex.. call it sex.. and not making love.. or etc


      1. But you realize that one thing can have different names, right?

        You cant just say “it isn’t making love it’s sex!” and suddenly change language, you do not have that power.

        You can say, “I disagree with calling sex making love”, but in the end making love most definitely will always be a phrase that exists (and it will always mean sex with a loved one).

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      2. I agree at some point. But for those who are single.. and in relationship thinks.. ! To be in love means to have SEX.. that’s where it ends..

        Care, Affection, understandings, communications is nothing…


      3. But it doesn’t matter how any individual feels about it or what situation they’re personally in; regardless of how you feel about it, the fact is that sex and make love are essentially/technically synonymous and are generally interchangeable words.

        Make love and in love are different things. It seems like you’re just mad that some people have love and sex and you don’t, so now you want to silence their words because they offend you too much.

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      4. Was that a judgement you passed? without knowing what I think about a particular topic, and what my opinion about things are..

        And speak of my personal experience. I have no problem with people having sex. or what so ever..

        Seems like you took this post in totally different angle, while it meant entirely something diff.


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