I was wrong..

Eyes do not tell it all..

there are mysteries in the conversations after-all..

her cheerful character says a lot..

She is like a free bird, exploring overall..

I saw her closely today, And I was amused..

I called her beautiful, but she prefer Cute above all..

I can’t read her eyes, but I felt comfort zone when surrounded by her..

She plays it so strong, that you will consider her as a leader..

But her eyes hazel, or maybe I didn’t got to see it after-all..

She is playful, and free from worries.. That’s how it felt in her presence, positive vibes and comfort..

I wish her dreams come true, of teaching in the world best school – training her kids with passion and love in a method so different that they will remember her after centuries as a passionate teacher and a guide, who made them great in life above all..

#Dedicated to Her..

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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