My Personal Interview for MTV…

3 words that describe you perfectly

– Mindful, friendly, Joyful.

Q. Your biggest fear?

– to die without achieving my dreams.

Q. One thing that girls will never like about you?

– My assumptions that distant me from them.

Q. Whats your wildest fantasy?

– to tour around the whole world, and sit at a high place at night from where I can view the city full of colourful lights.

Q. The stupidest thing you have done in love?

– Left an amazing opportunity of delivering a speech in college for which I had prepared well. But at the end time I gave her the chance to deliver her speech, instead of me.

Q. Why did your previous relationships not work out?

– Lack of communication.

Q. If you couldn’t speak or sing how would you impress a girl?

– Giving her a surprise note/letter in which I will describe her importance in my life and my feelings towards her.

Q. Why should the girl of your dreams choose you as her boyfriend?

– Because she will find all the qualities she have – In me. And she will learn that my love is love, and not an emotional attachment.

Q. What sets you apart from all the other boys?

– My understanding towards other humans. I easily get into other person’s shoes and know what he/she meant at the particular moment and Why?.

Q. What do you think about one night stands?

– I think our personal feelings and emotions should only be shared with whom we have met before, and spend time with. And not with someone who is a complete stranger.

Q. Your biggest Turn on? Biggest Turn off? Why

– Turn on – Anything related to my interest, and both of us are involved. Because it comes naturally, no-one is forced to speak. It just comes in flow.

– Turn Off – When the same topic is been repeated without any satisfying conclusion.

To hear a thing, Once – Twice – Thrice ~ It’s okay. But more than that, It’s a headache.

Q. If you were a product what would be your tagline?

– Jeevan Sathi (Life partner)

Q. An incident that changed your life forever

– Death of someone I was emotional attached too.

Q. The most attractive part of a female body

– Eyes.

Q. A pickupline that you think would really work

– You have seen into my eyes, and knew my story.. What’s yours?

Q. If you were a hero in a film what would the film be called?

– Unfolding Mysteries.

Q. If a girl rejects you what would you tell your friends?

– We had different views. So we didn’t got together.

Q. 3 reasons you want to get into a relationship?

Someone to share my life with.

– Be with someone who encourages me to take a step ahead in life.

– to experience something different.

Q. How would you approach a hot girl at a pub

– I don’t visit pubs.

Q. Whats your take on speed dating?

– If our mutual understandings matchs, then why not move ahead with dating.

Q. If you were stuck in an elevator with an attractive girl for 30 seconds what woud you do?

– Try to know more about the girl by the way she reacts, and then initiate a conversation.

Q)describe your ideal girl in 5 words

Childish but mature.

– Caring & expressive.

– knowledgeable

– Curious

– Understanding.

Q)kill marry hookup

Kill – Ego

Marry – Love

Hookup – Dreams

Q)there are 2 cars on fire, one has 50 crores in it and the other your crush, what do you save?

My crush.

Q)have you ever cheated on anyone/been cheated on?

– No.

Q)you see a hot girl eyeing you in a club, what do you do?

– try to know her intention by looking at her eye movement, and then try to initiate a conversation.

Q)under normal circumstances, would you always drive the car or let your girlfriend drive it as well

– Let her drive too.

Q)are you ok with your girlfriend going out alone with her guy friends?

– Yes.

Q)your gf is out with some friends at night and she is not responding to your calls or texts, how do you react?

– With Patience – Maybe there is no network in that area. At the same time try to contact her friends if possible.

Q)your ex who you did not end on good terms with just had an accident/needs your help, do you go and see her/help her?

– Yes. On whatsoever terms we ended, I will remind myself of those moments we were together and enjoyed each other company.

Q)do you pay when you go out for a date or dutch or do you let the girl pay?

– If she wanna pay I will tell her to pay half and the rest I will pay.

Q)will it affect you if your partner earns more than you?

– No.

Q)your best friend is eve teasing a girl who dumped you for another guy, what do you do?

Try to stop him from the act.

Q)would you ever get involved with a friend’s ex?/ you start developing feelings for your best friends girlfriend and so does she, what would you do?

– I will go ahead with our relationship. Because she was my friends past and my present.

Q)does it affect you if your partner has a richer sexual history than you do? / would you prefer a virgin or it doesnt matter?

– It matters to me. I would prefer a virgin. Not because I have a conservative mindset but I would prefer we both have first experience with each other both being virgin.

Q)foreplay or sex?

– Foreplay

Q)stuck on an island with 2 girls – one is decent looking but is intelligent and might be able to help you to survive on the island, second is extremely hot but has zero brains, you need to choose one, the other disappears

The one decent looking.


— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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