Oh yes, I lied 😌

Tribute to my old post..

Do you love me ? – “No” was my reply.

You deserve someone better than me my mind said deep inside.

Why are you lying, Just say Yes And hug her tight.

Why? Why did i had to lie? Fear – It was fear deep within that said “YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY OUTSIDE”.. Fear ? where did it came from – yeah, the stories i read the post i met, All said the same – Love is a game so stay outside.

My feeling for her was different, I cared for her,conversed for hour and hour,Hugged her tight when i felt i may lose her sight..

Then why today, I said her “NO” when she met me at the Cafe for coffee time – she was very charming, gorgeous, beautiful but what i needed was that she would be “only” mine.

I didn’t like her talking with some other guys, she was the only girl who caught everyone’s sight, I hated it when she would lie – i am at home, but i would see her visiting restaurant with the person she said me to never go close by.

Why? I have been loyal all those days, and You broke my trust like an Ordinary guy, I feared to lose you, so i tried- but your attachment for them were more than towards “I”….( Oh yes, I lied Click to read full)

#Something from the past..

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