This post is only dedicated to those who really want to create a meaning in their lives..

For those who are not interested kindly don’t waste your time reading my precious post !


We have all heard about the word “Seed“, suddenly after listening to this word we have a mental image of a seed in our mind..

For creating a meaning in our lives the understanding of the seed is very important, as the seed will decide the land in which it should be sown, and the conditions it can bear when it is sown in that land..

The seed of our life is our Purpose, for me purpose stand for “something when done, or in process – we find peace, fulfilment, and satisfaction”.. For every single human being, GOD/Almighty has given us a seed. The encouraging and the hardest part is:

To find out that seed from rest of the hundreds of seeds presented to you in the plate“..

To make it easy let’s consider this example: John wants to became an engineer, but his heart is not satisfied with that course – So to find satisfaction in his heart – John started to search for other fields(let’s consider A,B,C etc) that he can select – he look around hundreds of article, and gathered information of as many career field he can. And then he starts to think deeper about his seed (Field/Purpose)… While doing the analysis of other fields he understood that he did not felt excited to take A as his field, so he eliminated A from his list. Then he shifted to B, he found B interesting but was not that interesting to pursue it for life.. Likewise he went through the other fields too, and none of them serve the purpose for him except Engineering – Because pursuing engineering was something that made him excited, increased his learning curve, boosted up his moral, made him more focused and active.. etc.. So he found his Field (Seed) to be Engineering…

This same goes for all human beings, we have a seed – Teaching, dancing, music, medicines, business, public speaking, healing, leadership, or whatsoever you name it – we need to identify it, feel satisfied by it’s qualities and then finally sow it into th land..


To sow the seed of any fruit or vegetable you need the right land, that matches the quality of seed, and can serve the best… Where the seed and the land becomes one, though they are in two different form – but with same qualities in them they become one..

So the seed(Purpose) of our life should be sown within the soul, within the mind/consciousness.. and for that we need to train our mind(land) to see – does the quality of seed matches?

If cactus are grown in green land, do you think they will ever grow? or if watermelon seed is sown in desert.. Will that ever get a watermelon out there?

So to place the seed, we need to look – does the seed(purpose) and land(mind) goes hand in hand.. Does your thoughts support your seed?

If you believe that you have found the seed of your life, but you are still not ready to sow it — Then find a healthy land (Mind with good thoughts).. and sow it there !

The seed and the land share a unique connection which makes them one, and the fruits are what you have sown into the land…

The quality of seed decides the quality of the fruits, but let’s not forget the land.. ! Both are needed…

Have you found your seed? Have you sown the seed long ago? What if it’s the wrong seed – Can i pick another seed? Offcourse you can.. because the land is yours ! so is the seed..

—– All rights reserved 2018

—– Abdul Gani Punjabi