Oh Devil.. Let’s be friends 👬

I know GOD has sent you with me when I was born..

You are there and I believe in your existence..

Today I want to have a conversation with you..

A conversation where we can be friends, and understand each other purpose..

GOD created me and You to serve him, Your way is different mine is different..

You act as a distraction, and I have to conquer myself to believe and firmly hold the truth.

I acknowledge your presence, and know you are in a big mess too..

Help me to learn more about you, and we can fulfill our purposes by helping each other..

Tell me how you distracts human, so I may became aware of your plans of deceiving..

I know you also believe in the Creator, as Do I..

So let’s surrender ourselves to the One who created us, when we were nothing..

So let’s be friends and believe In Allah/GOD..

This is the time help each other through UNDERSTANDING rather than fighting against each other, and I firmly believe that you too want peace, So do I..

#We need love, Peace is what everyone is searching for 🔥

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