Blessed Is he who pray at the GOD house – MAKKAH ❤

This was just a surprise when my mother said her friend was leaving to visit Allah/GOD house – Makkah.. I was already fresh because my day at office was pretty coolx.. and worthwhile because I planned my day.

So my Journey began and I was there at 6:10 pm.. The time to end the fast (Azan = Muslims prayer Call) is 6:58pm. So we reached before the time..

The best thing here in Makkah – Al Haram is at the time of Iftar (opening the fast) people distribute foods packets, which mostly consist a Juice, Bread, Dates, water bottle.. Not a single person is left without giving food, everyone has something for Iftar.. That’s the beauty here.. It’s free of cost.. I call it hospitality of the Arabs ❤

So after the iftar I separated from my aunt – because I prefer Alone time. That’s the best way to worship.. We decided a time to meet later when we have to return home..

So this was how beautiful and magnificent it looks – when everyone altogether pray to the creator.

But when I am Alone, I prefer to move close to the house..

Note:- We Muslims don’t worship the kaaba (Black stone) but we worship the creator Alone.. Kaaba was the first prayer place ever created by mankind. ie – Prophet Adam.

People pour out there heart to Allah/GOD.. Even when they know Allah knows everything.. It’s just a matter of confessing our own sins, and to believe in the forgiveness and mercy of GOD.

Whatever your age ! Your heart and Your prayer matters ! YOU MATTER

The close you move the more peaceful and satisfied your soul feels – Love.. All about Loving the Creator Alone – Do not associate any partners.. GOD is One GOD with no partners..

When you kiss hajre-aswad(The black stone, it was sent from heaven) your sins are forgiven, and this stone bear witness on the day of Judgement that we kissed him, and the stone take all your sins into himself.. Leaving you pure form sin.

The door, yes this opens only once in an year ! This is a history for mankind.. A place where prophet Adam, Abraham, Ishmael, Muhammad (Peace be upon them all) came ! and worshiped GOD alone, and brought light into this world.. ie – understanding, GOD guidance = The Noble Quran.

This is a sacred place for whole mankind, not only Muslims but for the whole world..

Finally something that the world is not aware of – The footprint of Prophet Abraham. Yes you heard it right.. As I said this is a real ongoing history you are visiting..

Kaaba is the centre of the world..

#Journeys worth sharing…

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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