The joy of friendship ❤

Leaving the time behind, i met my friend with an enthusiastic smile.. Watching him waiting for me gave me a chill down my spine.

Without saying a word, he acknowledges my presence. What kind of love is this – which we never share, in the conversation we have in life time.

Few things are better to be untold, the feeling of love is beautiful when you live it, instead of labelling it as “LOVE”.

After the period of loss and grieve, Comes the period of bright sunshine – Meeting your old friends raises your confidence little high.

I used to miss those groups, with whom i used to spent my time, But i never took the initiative to send a “HI” and wait for a reply.

Sometimes it’s important to tell your friends “You are my Best-Friend” that’s when true bond start taking place. It’s about making them realize they hold a special place in your heart, and they are the one responsible of change.

Years may pass, and time may flow ☆ But the friendship we started today will last forever.

Don’t call me daily, don’t make it a compulsion. Just call me when you heart says i am missing my “best-friend” and i am always here…

— Abdul Gani Punjabi

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