Yaadien [Memories] ❤

Kuch chupi huwi yaad hai, jo mujhe rooz tadpati hai..Naam hi kuch aisa hai uska, ki mehndi bhi usse sharmati hai..

[There are some buried memories, that makes me uncomfortable everyday, her name is somewhat like this – That the mehndi also feels shy in front of her]

Un raastoon per chal pada mai jaha rooz wo mere bazu se jati hai, Phir bhi ek mulaqat ke liye wo mujhe tadpati hai.

[ Unconsciously i stepped onto those roads, where she passes from just next to me, but also she keeps me waiting for just a single meeting]

Kuch baatein hai usmai jo mujhe bahout satati hai, rabba koi to bataoo wo mujhe itna kyu jalati hai..

[There is something in her that annoys me, Oh God ! Someone please tell me why she makes me so jealous]

Aadaten hai uski bachoon jaisi, choti choti baaton per wo ro jati hai, bus isi aada per wo mere dil mai samati hai..

[Her habits are child-like, she cries on small small things, Just on her this habit she takes a deeper place in my heart]

Yaad aati hai wo mujhe waqt ba waqt, bus ek baar baat karle wo mujhe se to ye zindagi bhi usse sharmati hai..

[I misses her on regular intervals, Just once if she talks to me, So even this life will start feeling shy from her]

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi

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