It’s Your (Menstruation) Period – Take Rest.

“Excuse us – Please, We need a break” – Sam said, in between a very serious meeting.

“Who wants to be the class representative ?” – Miss shalini announced in the class.

I always dreamt to be the CR of the class, because it gives us an opportunity to learn, take responsibility, and team work. So i stood up for the post.

On the other side there were 3 boys and 2 girl, Who stood up for the same. Everyone kept their proposal, I said them,”I will arrange a trip once in a year“..

In our Junior college, We were not allowed to go on a pic-nic/Trip. So my offer attracted them. And i got elected.

Congratulations khushi” – There was a soft whisper from behind.

Thank You” – I said, without turning my face.

Sam” – It was him, sitting behind me, he was tall, had long hairs, blue eye, and a little muscular body..

“Hi khushi, I am Sameer – Do you mind if i sit here?”

“Have a seat”

“Would you like to have something? “

“No – I bought my Tiffin”


He took out a packet of biscuit and offered it to me. They were delicious. He said his mother made it.

He was also the CR, the rule was one male and one female should be elected.

That was the first conversation we had, as time passed by we became close friends.

Teasing, Arguing, calling each other at night and sharing our day to day life was something we enjoyed.

It was after our first term Examination, When my classmates demanded for a trip. As i had promised them, it was my call to convince our teachers for the trip. We decided to visit AGRA, everyone agreed and said they were ready to support Us.

We decided to conduct a meeting with our teachers on 23 feb 2005. Everything was planned, things were going well.

But on 22 feb, in the evening, i started vomiting and fell ill. And i had a very severe back pain. This was something strange, it never happened to me, and the pain in the stomach was getting harder.. That night i could not sleep because of the pain, and the stress of the next day meeting..

In the morning, i gathered courage and went to college.

“Are you ok ?” – Sam asked.

“Yes” – I said in a low voice.

“NO, You are not – You need to rest”

“I am fine, let’s prepare for the meeting”

“No, i am postponing this meeting”

I got irritated, and we had a huge fight. It was 10 am, teachers were waiting for us, So for me it was an important meeting, Sam was angry, but he joined along..

The first 25 minutes went well, we did our best to convince our teachers, they agreed to some points but refused some..

As i was talking, i felt like vomiting, and the stomach-ache was getting more worse, Sam noticed that my condition was getting worse, he diverted their attention with an interesting question, Which made the meeting more serious. As they were thinking, he stood up and acted as if he had some very important, then the meeting.

“Excuse us – Please, We need a break” – Sam said, in between a very serious meeting.

I was astonished by his behaviour, He grabbed my hand and took me to an empty classroom, And handed me a black polythene… And instructed me to visit the washroom and use it.

I was totally embarrassed, when he said me to visit the washroom. I followed as he said, on opening the polythene i found a packet which said,” Whisper choice ultra – 6 pads wings” …

“What is this ?” – I said to myself, feeling more embarrassed now.

I went through the instruction, and did what it said..

When i came out of the washroom, I was not able to look in sam’s eyes, but then he came to me and said something that made everything seemed like it was normal.

“Khushi – I know, At this very moment you might be feeling very uncomfortable to talk with me, but let me tell you, when we met in the morning, i knew something was not right, and the things you mentioned such as vomiting, back pain, stomach-ache, those were the signs when a girl gets her “Menstruation Cycle” started.. And when you fought with me, that gave me a stronger proof that it was the beginning of your “Personal Time“, So as a precaution i purchased this from the chemist in case you might need it…

There is nothing wrong in it, every girls passes through this phase, some periods ends for 3 – 5 -8 days while some take longer time. When we were in 9th standard, we read about the human reproductive system, and we even had some lectures on “Sex Education” in which we were introduced to the topic “Menstruation“.. I know it’s really a painful period, for not only women but for girls too.. You girls are really very brave to pass through that phase, I respect you…

That was something he said, which changed my embarrassment into comfort..

I stood there speechless, Looking at him, and he lowered his gaze as a sign of respect..

We went to the meeting, and the luck was with us, that year we went to AGRA, and the trip was held successfully.

This incident happened almost 12 years ago, As i was passing by the memories in this photo album – It reminded me of Sam..

Sam works with different Ngo and Social service group, and his aim is to Conduct Session on the topic “Sex Education” through which he helps people of all ages. He believe that, husbands, brother, father, boys and everyone should know how much pain a girl suffer during her periods.. And they should be allowed to rest, instead of burdening them with household works.

“Some stories makes us feel uncomfortable, But there are lessons that goes beyond our imagination”

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi

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