When you Saturday is different from the previous Saturday – We feel satisfied as we get things done πŸ’ƒ.

Yesterday i got an opportunity to speak on the topic “Mental illness” infront of around 120 people (I think)..

That’s me on the Stage 😍

It felt like home, the audience were responsive..

For the first time i spoke on that topic and the response “Woow” .. πŸ˜˜πŸ’ƒ

That’s the entrance, The picture itself makes us think, What the whole Event was about..

“Log kya kahenge” (What will people say)

– Sexual Abuse

– Rights of LGBTQ

-Sex Education

– Mental Illness..

As soon as we were done with our event, we planned to visit a “Show”..

But in the way we saw a “Church” where the Bride and the Groom were just going to enter..

So we jumped (jokin) out of the bus.. We got down at the next stop, and attended their wedding..

“Ronaldo” weds “Jane” …

The priest said,”The words of wisdom” and the “Vows” to be taking to be together for life..

We were there till the end, The song was good, but i did not understood a things..

I have read few parts of the Bible so i was able to understand..

They started with Genesis chapter 1.

This was an unbelievable moment, when then both came next to us and stood..

I was like “Congratulations” and ronaldo said “Thank you” …

While “Jane” seemed Confused…

They walked towards the priest once again, carrying a glass of water (Holy water i guess) and something they called “god’s flesh”

The Studio, Mehboob studio, It’s in bandra..

Place where most film scenes are taken..

Glimpse of the inner-Side.. The Fest #TFL17 ..

The Bookstore ❣

“Soha Ali Khan” – The sister of Saif Ali Khan … She was here for a discussion on the book she launched..

“The perks and perils of being Moderately Famous”

Here she enters the hall, from right infront of my eye πŸ‘€

Deborah (Author) and Emma (Author of “The Unloved” and many other novels)

Got a chance to ask them a Question…

“What to do when we are block, when we are out of thoughts for the story ?

” They replied, ” Reread your story, delete some parts, and better to make 3-4 draft.. And when stuck focus on other parts of the story…

Virtual Reality, An Extraordinary experience … Into the world that is real but virtual..

Author’s marks on their books …



Life is Beautiful… Just give it a Goo 😎😎

“I strive to make my life better, but i fail at planning, But when i plan – I feel satisfied from within which makes my life better”

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi

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