YES” i will do it, “NO” is the voice coming from within.

My relationship is important, then my very own feelings.

But there is emptiness in life, when i betray myself, I say “YES” just to please them, it really sucks to be fake and pretend.

Most of my life i had to please them, Silence was what i have with myself, BUT something i missed out, the beauty of Silence had what i learnt.

I did, as they said, thinking of me as a puppet who did whatever they said.

To stand-up for myself was getting difficult, i started gathering questions and bombarded myself.

It’s seems like i was someone else, felt like i lost my identity in this mask i wear.

It’s hard to stand-up for ourselves, but once we become “Aware” of the mask we wear, Dramas and stress disappears, and you know for whom to stand and whom to deny with the power of words we have.

The “Yes” are now transformed into “NO”. And now i know the power of “NO”, Because the mask i used to wear are no more.

Life is now, free from stress, but everyday we have situations where we have to pretend for someone else.

The mask is all ours, It’s our “CHOICE” to wear it OR tear it off and throw it away.

Because every other person next to you is wearing a mask, of which he – himself is not aware.

“Start living by your heart, because your brain is stupid and lead you somewhere else.. The mind is different from the brain..”

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi