At first i thought it was not possible, it was just the beginning when i saw her with the one whom i fall for.

It was hard to contact her, because no one had the guts to talk to them..

My friends considered me a hero, because they knew i was the one who could achieve the Goal..

I was uncomfortable, afraid, and fear took over, because it was something i never tried in my life- whatsoever..

Then one day, i stopped them in a group, it was hard but were few of them knows 😉.. They ignored me because they were afraid, what people might think was their biggest concern..

But that was the beginning, and that’s how i stepped forward, searching them through social sites and finally got someone whom i can contact to reach over to her..

She was tall,beautiful, and her eyes were pure, it hold a strange energy that pulled me over.

Through her friends i reached her, But still i am afraid to confess it to her, though we talk regular.. but something stops me because the future shows big variations.

Yes – I like her, and “maybe” she knows that, but there is a difference in communication..

Today i received a message from one of her friend, and it felt like the time which was passed 2 years ago was in-front of me once again…

She asked,”Can i trust you ?”…

Wait – what does your heart says, listen to it and answer me your very question.

She felt comfortable within few minutes and asked me, ” Do i have a girlfriend ?” …

I smiled, looking at her message because it reminded me of her friend for whom i fell over ❤

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi