Standing in the crowd of Millions, my eyes looking over the people coming out of that yellow gate..

People says, once someone enter there, they don’t return.. But my believes are stronger, i know he will win, he is the man of his words.

I was in labour pain, when he left me alone just for the country’s sake, I was angry because i needed him the most, but for him – he wanted to save thousands of women who was suffering the same pain.

In this crowd i am searching for a face, the face upon whom i may look – and all the despair vanishes and love overflow through my veins.

Finally the gates are open, some of them are well – maintained, while some had lost their eyes,hands,legs.. And some of them are on the shoulder of four, that’s the most painful moment.

The one who is safe, their family can’t control their tears, and the one who is on four shoulders even their family can’t control their tears…

The tears of happiness and sadness, that’s how people differentiate.

In the millions, My eyes caught him, and he was already looking at our son.. Who is 9 years old now, and is waiting for his dad to come and hug him, because he knows his father is a hero and an army man ❀

—– Abdul Gani Punjabi