Just a second son, i am busy.. Thousands of thoughts running through my mind, i ignored my son who just fall down and cried..

Pick him up, i shouted at my wife, I am busy that’s what she replied ..

My son kept on crying, and we were busy in the screen we had in our hands, Look at me – Look at me, shouted the mobile phone kept me busy..

At last my son stood up, and went to his room.. It was an hour later i was free.. i went into the balcony and sat below a small tree …

Looking down the street i see, the children running on the street freely, one of them had a fall, the other panicked, and supported him to the hall..

While seeing the love outside the window, i remembered my son’s cry, knocking on the door and there was no reply..

“Are you OK my son ?” I shouted from Outside… Hearing my voice, my wife came running and stood by my side… After knocking for an hour, we broke open the door and found him lying.. He was still crying with pain, and showed symptoms of dying..

We ran to the hospital, and the doctors kept on trying..

We are sorry to inform you sir, you are late ! or we could have saved your son’s eye-sight..

It was the biggest lesson of my life, i was not busy, but we were addicted to the phone, who kept on distracting us for our own son and lives…

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi