The nights i spent without sleep, asking God to provide me with relief.

Is it so hard for you to decide your next step ? Why don’t you find a mentor who will lead.

In search of a mentor i left my home, roaming to places i was afraid of getting lost and find myself alone..

Then i got tired, and slept below a tree, the shade in which – i felt very free…

There came a rat next to me, searching for food, to survive and live.. I was awaken by his presence and got lost deep into thoughts, if this rat can find food and survive to live, then why not me ?

I thought i “lack in strength”, but was it true to take a “choice” that was free ?

I still remember those sleepless night, Turing on the other side, asking God for Guidance so that i may find the easiest path, but then came a voice to me, Your wish has been granted, you have been guided, now tell me one thing, How are you going to use this wisdom and Guidance that i just gave you in your dreams…

Once again i was speechless, searching for the next step so that i may lead ….

—— Abdul Gani Punjabi

#Voice from deep within ❀